New Ways of Teaching is my personal project to teach English as a foreign language from A1 to C2 levels by combining creativity, emotional intelligence and the use of new technologies as well as media.

Nuevas Maneras de Enseñar es un proyecto personal que consiste enseñar inglés como lengua extranjera desde el nivel A1 a C2 combinando creatividad, inteligencia emocional y el uso de las nuevas tecnologías asimismo que el cine, la publicidad, entre otros.

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    1. That’s a really good question! Actually, I think it coulf be applied to any kind of students, but you must be aware if the references they have in their own cultures and be very careful with the kind of feedback you give. I have kids with Chinese, Rumanian and Bulgarian backgrounds: no problems encountered. If you give it a try with Asian or Russian students and it works (or not), please let me know: I’m really interested in this kind of data, it helps to improve my teaching!


  1. Hola! Quizás tu método pueda aplicarse tambien a la enseñanza en general, no sólo a Inglés, leeré tus posts para ver si lo puedo aplicar en FP. Saludos! 🙂 Ah! and thanks for you “like” in my post!


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