Creating our own Christmas Carols

Last year, when I was teaching at the Ins Milà I Fontanals  High School, Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona, I was wondering about a new project to do for Christmas. One of my classes was an elective one to help Year 11 students to improve their English. So I asked them what they thought about Christmas Carols. The answers were ‘they’re all the same’, ‘they’re only for kids’, ‘some of them are quite depressing’,  etc. The option was clear: why don’t we create our songs for Christmas? With your lyrics, the music you prefer, anything… This is the final result:

First of all, we analysed the typical Christmas Carols, and we found common features, they selected the ones they wanted to re-use and tried to update them to a more 21st century kind of language.

Then, they were split into four groups of 4 or 5, and they started to debate how they wanted their song to be. They wrote the first draft, and I corrected it. I highlighted the importance of the sounds and the rhythm of the words because they would have to sing them afterwards.

I invited a former student of mine, David Vallés, who is a very talented musician and is studying music production. This project would have been impossible without him! He helped them to find a harmony that would fit with what they were looking for. He also played the piano and the guitar in all songs.

When they were finally ready to record the songs, we asked for some help to other students for the drums (Alex Reina), beatbox (Arnau Moldes and Joan Nin), some of my Year 12 students for the vocals and the coaching (Natalia Ramírez, Joana Nogués, Ariadna Calvo, Annie Red, Judith García, Rocío Márquez and Paula Fernández, Olga Mateo and Laia Delgado).

Last but not least, everything was edited and released by David Vallés, I’m so grateful for all the time and effort he invested in this project!

I hope you’ve liked the songs,

Merry Chrismas!

2 thoughts on “Creating our own Christmas Carols

  1. These are wonderful. The first one must be my favourite. As a composer myself, it is fantastic that your children are getting involved in the creative side of music.

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  2. Awesome ideas for teaching young learners.
    Thanks for sharing them on your famtastic blog.
    Your students are really lucky to have you as their English teacher.

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