5 thoughts on “The Wall of Gratitude

    1. No, they had to do it in one session. But the poster ‘what are you thankful for’ was put a couple of days earlier on the wall and they asked other students and teachers to write something on it. But everything else was made in one session by two different classes.

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      1. First I told them what ‘gratitude’ means and I asked them to whom they would say thank you and why. Then, I write different ways to say ‘thank you’ in English (they are 13-14 years old Spanish speakers) on the blackboard and they picked the one they liked the most and drew it in pieces of color cards I gave to them. And then they filled the board in the corridor of the school in Thanksgiving day with those cards and post-it that said ‘thank you, grandma for helping when my family was in need’, ‘thank you Sergio for being my friend’, ‘thanks teachers’, etc… They got very emotional at first when they listened their other classmates stories because they come from very difficult backgrounds and they have overcome so many things in their short life…Whenever I have a moment, I’ll edit the post to explain everything in detail. I’m so happy that you’re interested in this micro-project we did. Thank you!


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